Pre- Authorisation Security Agreement Guidelines

Partington's Holiday Parks now take security agreements from all our customers, and this means that you will have to make a pre-authorised payment before you arrive on park. 

The pre-authorised amount depends on the type of accommodation in which you have booked (please see below). *Please note the pre-authorisation payment will only be claimed if any of the measures below apply to your booking. 


  • £250.00 - Black Beck Watchman’s cottage.
  • £100.00 – Gold hire fleet, Windy Harbour Riverside lodge, Black Beck lodges, Tarn House Dale View Lodge, Black Beck Salt Petre cottage, Newton Hall apartments and the Tarn House Butterfly House.
  • £50.00 – Silver hire fleet.
  • £50.00 – Bronze hire fleet.


The below shows the reasons for which Partington's Holiday Parks will process a charge to a customer.

Stolen items - Appliances, furniture, bedding, towels, TV, and DVD player (not if the odd cup or glass is missing).

Damaged items - TV, fixtures, and fittings, smashed mirrors, the accommodation., broken windows or doors. If items are reported during their stay this will be evaluated at the time to see if accidental.

Cleanliness - If an accommodation is left in a state that will require additional cleaning and we would not be able to let that accommodation again that day. 

Behaviour - Partington’s Holiday Parks operates a zero-tolerance approach to any discriminating, threatening or intimidating behaviour and acts of violence.  Under any of these circumstances Partington’s Holiday Parks has the right to terminate your occupation of your holiday accommodation if in the opinion of the Park Manager the above guidelines have been breached.

Visit our FAQ page HERE to find out more regarding your holiday booking.