Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Holiday Booking

I agree to abide by the Park Rules as exhibited in the Reception office.

All reservations for holiday homes, holiday flats, apartments, hotel rooms and touring pitches are applied for and accepted subject to the following conditions:-

The party shall be exactly as provided to the Company, unless notification has been given to alter party details & accepted by the Contact Centre.

Neither Partington's Holiday Centres Limited, nor any associated or subsidiary company thereof shall be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage, direct or indirect, loss or damage to any property, including all motor vehicles and the like, however caused, sustained by or occasioned to any person whose name or names appear on the Reservation Form, whether resulting from or caused by the negligence, default, wilful act, omission or otherwise of Partington's Holiday Centres Limited, their staff, agents, concessionaires, guests, residents, occupiers or invitees.

The Company is relieved from liability, should the accommodation not be available due to circumstances beyond its control. Payment will be refunded in full.

The Company uses its best endeavours to ensure the availability of all amenities advertised in its brochure, website or otherwise, but shall not be liable in respect of their non-availability. Please check at the Reception office for availability of amenities as these will vary depending on the season, prior to arrival.

All reservations are deemed to commence as from 3pm on the day of commencement and to terminate at 10am on the day of termination, unless stated otherwise, when the applicants agree to return full and entire possession with the furniture and effects (when appropriate) in as good a state and condition as the same were in at the commencement of the reservation, the applicants making good or paying for all such articles of furniture, fixtures and effects as shall be broken, lost, damaged or destroyed during their occupation.

The applicants undertake to keep the premises, (and where appropriate) fixtures, utensils, etc., in a clean and tidy condition, and so to leave them at the expiration of the reservation.

Bookings are accepted only on the understanding that guests agree to co-operate on the following points:-
1. No noise permitted after 11.30pm.
2. No all male/female parties are accepted.

The Management reserves the right to decline accommodation or to remove any visitor for conduct detrimental to the Park or the comfort of other visitors without entitlement to compensation and thereupon Partington's Holiday Centres Limited shall not have any liability to the applicants.

No visitors will be allowed to stay on the Park longer than 28 consecutive days in any one year.


An official booking confirmation will be sent for each payment and no booking exists until this has been dispatched either by email or post. The Company accepts debit/credit cards. A 1.75% charge will apply for payment using a credit card.


In the event of you being unable to take your holiday with us owing to circumstances beyond the control of Partington's Holiday Centres Limited, the payment will be forfeited except in the following circumstances:-

Provided notice of cancellation is given in writing at least 21 days prior to the date of arrival, or by production of a Medical Certificate in case of illness, 50% of the full payment will be refunded. Notice of cancellation must be sent by registered post or recorded delivery. Ordinary post will not be regarded as proof of delivery.

Payment made by cheque must be received 21 days prior to arrival.

Dogs and other Pets are NOT PERMITTED unless Pet Friendly accommodation has been booked.

Licensed Clubs

At specified Parks there is a licensed Club. The names of all members of the party must be specified in advance to be given membership to the Club for the period of their holiday only and agree to abide by their rules. Membership to the Club enables guests to participate in its facilities and bingo.
Should names not be provided in advance then access to the Clubs may be restricted.

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