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Partington’s Holiday Parks are going eco-friendly for 2021
Company News
13 April 2021

Partington’s Holiday Parks are going eco-friendly for 2021

Partington’s are making huge steps towards a ‘greener future’, making our business more environmentally friendly not only improves sustainability but also creates a healthier environment for our customers to enjoy.

New for the 2021 season are our 100% recycled plastic picnic tables, the furniture is recycled using plastic bottles as the main ingredient. Choosing recycled plastic reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials and helps to reduce energy usage. The high-quality recycled outdoor furniture will be a great addition to our Parks, offering the perfect place to enjoy a picnic.
We are also swapping our paper straws for 100% biodegradable hay straws made from wheat stems. We wanted to move our business forward in a more eco-friendly way, with innovative and creative thinking! We think our new hay straws will be a great addition in any hot or cold beverage.
Hay straws have multiple benefits not only are they biodegradable but they are entirely compostable and don’t go soggy in a drink either like paper options often do.

To accompany our new straws will be our 100% recycled paper cups for serving our delicious alcoholic beverages and takeaway coffees. Manufactured in Britain using FSC approved paper
Purchased from local business Paper Cup Company, the sustainable packaging will mean our customers can enjoy their refreshments and the disposable cups can be made into compost.
We are sure our customers will take pride in the steps we are taking to adopt the principles of eco-friendly living.

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